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So now you have chosen to ignore the advice, why was I so negative?

According to the records issued by the UK Kennel Club the average size of a registered litter is 1 to 2 this is in a breed where the normal litter size is 4-6. The only assumption is that a large number of puppies fail to make it to six weeks old. Take into account that the litters where all puppies die will not be registered at all and the survival rate is abysmal. Add to this the costs of stud fees, travel, vets bills, breeding equipment and your time and I return to my original advice "don't".

Still ignoring me, OK I can take it, what do we do first.

If you do not own a bitch then the first step is to buy one. Bear in mind that professional breeders have good success results in breeding, therefore the fact that a puppy was one of 10 and all survived doesn't mean you will be so lucky. Read the section on temperament and remember that those puppies which do not make it in the show ring will still have to be good family dogs. The temperament of a bitch is paramount in her ability to raise her own progeny, she may still be in pain when your assistance is required to deliver the puppies, but she must not be aggressive with you or with the puppies.
If you already own a bitch please consider her carefully, is she really good enough? The same applies if you own a dog, would you pay good money to use him at stud? If the answer is no then don't use him now. Can you keep your dog and bitch apart during her seasons, if not then either get rid of the dog or don't buy the bitch.

Step 2 blood lines

Ok so now you have a good bitch, you are aware of her faults and virtues. Your not! then get aware, read the books on the subject, Show her and get the judges opinion (see the section on showing). Know your stock!

Pedigree time. Look for the predominate lines on your pedigree, start with the champions over the recent generations and look for repeats. This is line breeding and should always be practised at least until you understand the principles of genetics. Chose a dog who is complementary to your bitch. He should be from the same bloodlines, where possible improve on her faults without doubling on her problems and be of known good temperament stock.

Step 3

Book the stud dog. Bitches come into season approximately every 6 months when adult and are usually mated on their 11-13th days. A simple test at the vets will tell you exactly when to take her. Don't expect to turn up without pre booking the mating as you may well be refused.

Step 4

Be prepared. Make a strong whelping box about 36" square by 30" deep with a 3" square rail 3" above the base (round the corners) and be prepared to have to sleep with the bitch for several days after the birth. Notify your vet when the birth is due but do not expect problems. Read up on the subject and most importantly

Step 5

Hopefully everything went well and you have a perfect litter of potential Champions, you may have had to have a caesarian (not you the bitch). She will be confused and wondering what these horrible little things are which are hurting her. Be firm make her feed the puppies, let her lick and clean them. Do not be to keen to take over from her, the puppies will require feeding every 2 hours and then stimulating to relieve themselves. With a litter of six that could take an hour, one hour later and you start again!

Step 6

You have raised them to 5 weeks old and know which are for sale and which you will keep. they are registered with the kennel club and you have made out pedigree's for them. Its time to contact all those people who ordered puppies before you carried out the mating (what do you mean there are none! Why did you start?). If people have backed out you may need to advertise, don't use the dog press! If someone in dogs wants a puppy they will have contacts of their own and you are wasting your money. Think, how did you find your first dog? Use that means to advertise your stock. Remember the stud dog owner, he may have contacts or enquiries and you can always try the internet!

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