The RSPCA call for £20 dog licence

To be managed by them.

They say

"With two out of three dog owners supporting the introduction of dog licensing to the UK and 70 per cent of these claiming they would be willing to pay more than £30 as an annual fee, we believe that 2010 is the time for a united approach to a dog health and welfare strategy, funded by the introduction of a new and improved annual dog licence".

A Poll by Dog World showed 80% against the dog licence

We say

The RSPCA's own figures indicate that there are 10 million dogs in the UK what size survey gave these figures, the RSPCA is deliberately vague on this, they quote sources but not figures. I bet it wasn't one percent!

This is a tax on the responsible dog owners and harks back to 1987 when they spent £500,000 of donations on a political campaign to get control of the dog licence, they lost and it was abolished.

This is not about dog welfare but about a politically motivated organisation looking to secure its future funding by taxing all of us dog owners, those who don't care about dogs won't bother to get a licence and the RSPCA know it.