Letchworth & Baldock Lions Club

The 1
st Annual Letchworth Dog Show
(By permission of the Kennel Club)

Classes for Pedigree, Cross-Breeds & Companion Dog’s’
Baldock Road Recreation Field

Baldock Road,
Letchworth Garden City,

Sunday 20th May 2018

All proceeds to Letchworth & Baldock Lions.

Entry fee 2 for Pedigree classes, 1.50 for Companion classes

Held under KC Rules & Regulations

No Puppies under 6 Months

No Bitches in Season

Dogs on Lead at ALL Times

Entries from 9am

For Further details contact Darren or

Dionne on 01462 486449 or 07380 946481


Held under Kennel Club Rules and Regulations.
Dogs need not be registered with the Kennel Club.
All dogs entered at owner’s risk.
No Bitches in season.
No puppies under 6 months can be entered.

Dogs to be kept on lead at all times.
Dog owners/handers should clean up after their dogs
The safety and well being of all animals at the show remains the responsibility of the exhibitor/owner.
Dogs in hot cars – if your dog is found to be at risk, forcible entry to your vehicle may be necessary
without liability for any damage caused.
No person shall carry out punitive or harsh handling of any animal.
Please remember when events are held in front of the general public to typify responsible animal
ownership at all times.
Car Parking is not by the Show Ring.
There will be room provided for cages

Pedigree Classes

Mrs J Charteris

Judging starts promptly at 10am
Rosettes for 1
st to 5th place

Class 1: Best Puppy 6-12 Months

Class 2: Best Gun-dog/Hound

Class 3: Best Pastoral /Working

Class 4: Best Toys/Terriers & Utility

Class 5: Open Class

Class 6: Best Veteran (over 7 Years)

Class 7: Junior Handler

Class 8: Best in Show (Alpha Lion)

Any first prize winners will be eligible to challenge for Best in Show
Plenty of warning will be given and we will will wait for you as long as you let the stewards know.

Companion Classes Miss S Collis

Judging starts promptly at 11am

Rosettes for 1st to 5th place

Class 1: Best Puppy 6-12 Months

Class 2: Prettiest Bitch

Class 3: Most Handsome Dog

Class 4: Young Handlers (under 12 Years)

Class 5: Scruffiest Dog

Class 6: Best Cross-breed

Class 7: Best Veteran (over 7 Years)

Class 8: Most Appealing Eyes

Class 9: Best Rescue

Class 10: Judges Choice

Class 11: Best in Show (King/Queen of the Pride)

Special Class exclusive for Assistance Dogs

To be Judged by the Guide Dogs for the Blind

Judging order & Judges may be changed to facilitate Judging at the show managers discretion.