The most common disease in dogs is dental disease, in particular periodontal disease. However, this is one of the most preventable and treatable diseases. Luckily, it is possible to reduce or even prevent dental disease in dogs. Feeding them a crunchy diet, with appropriate chew treats and toys, as well as a daily brushing routine will assist in reducing or preventing this disease. There are various options of care for any pet owner to follow that can prevent frequent visits to a pet dental hygienist.
The use of a soft Bristol tooth brush is always the key to keeping a dog’s mouth clean. Creating a routine of brushing your dog’s teeth the same time in the morning can create an awareness of it’s importance. Your dog will thank you as you remove the plaque that may later cause health issues. Your dog may require additional brushing after a meal to prevent from any bacterial infection or food build up. It’s suggested to brush their teeth in the morning, once in the afternoon and after dinner at night to ensure all the build up is gone.
Never use human toothpaste for a dog, often the toothpastes created for humans have additional chemicals that can harm the dog’s health. It is suggested to pick up tooth paste specially created for dogs. Often the toothpaste comes in different flavors or colors that capture the dog’s attention. Many owners find their dogs enjoy the taste of the tooth paste more than some frequently purchased dog foods.
Some dogs require their teeth to be brushed professionally. This is only in the case that the dog either has not been on a routine, has dental damage that causes pain or suffers from serious plaque build up. A vet is able to determine the extent of damage or health concerns associated with a particular breed at the time of a check up. Often dog owners forget to brush the back of the dog’s teeth. The majority of build up occurs in the back of the mouth. There are many extended tooth brushes and tooth paste options that can assist with the cleansing of these areas.
Therefore, in order to ensure that your dog has healthier teeth with a sweeter smile, it is important to undertake daily brushing. Your dog will thank you and your wallet will thank you after not having to visit the vet on a more frequented occasion. Providing a daily routine is a key factor in ensuring teeth health. Owners with questions or requesting additional assistance to start the routine are encouraged to contact their local vet for more information.